God, Gold, and Glory

This is the master list of all of the chapters of God, Gold, and Glory, a mega-essay exploring a model of civilization which purports to explain its key doings by modeling ruling caste value conflict.  Within, this model is applied to explain the history of the City of Detroit and the last 200 years of Western history, and then is used to extrapolate into the future.  Sound like fun?  If so, read on!

Chapter 1: What is Civilization?
Chapter 2: Why Civilization?
Chapter 3: Why Not Civilization?
Chapter 4: How to Run a Civilization
Chapter 5: Who’s in Charge?
Chapter 6: Technological Progress and Civilization
Chapter 7: The End of Aristocracy
Chapter 8: Plutocracy and the Industrial Revolution
Chapter 9: The Dawn of the Theocratic Age
Chapter 10: The New-Time Religion
Chapter 11: Geopolitics at the End of History
Chapter 12: What Happened to Detroit, Again?
Chapter 13: What’s Next?


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